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We are Back of Beyond Broadband, a Hybrid Internet Service provider, enabling rural areas of Scotland with our fibre fast internet access. 


Our BoBB network is a hybrid of Fibre and Fixed Wireless backhaul connections, allowing us to connect you to fibre fast Internet access.


Working alongside communities and businesses to bring a fibre fast service to homes and businesses where other providers can't.


Directly investing in Argyll, the Isles and the wider Scotland area to improve connectivity through to the hardest to reach communities and the homes and businesses.


Bridging the digital divide and allowing more and more homes and businesses to work remotely, away from the office, as fast, if not faster than central city populations.

We have a growing list of unique and extreme project locations that enables us to provide data and internet access to Wind farm construction sites and Aquaculture clients across the beautiful extremes of the West coast and Isles of Scotland.

We know the wilderness, the waters and the weather of Scotland, and we know wireless. We embrace the challenges and make it work!


Please take a look at our reviews on the Back of Beyond Broadband Facebook page .

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Other internet Service Providers use a large amount of confusing and often misleading "offers", "sales" and "deals" to get you to sign up to their services for 2 years at a time, BoBBroadband has intentionally kept things simplified and straight forward. For a one off fee we will install a small, plate sized dish on the outside of your premises, with a single cable into your home/ business premises which then connects to the WiFi router. Our team has the know-how, experience and expertise to find the best solution to connect you with in a few hours. This can all be done for you at a time that suits you the best. We will ensure you have a good WiFi connection to all your devices with-in your home/ business and will do everything we can to make sure you are 100% happy. Once you see first hand just how fast BoBBroadband is, in comparison to your existing provider, you'll struggle to hold back the smiles. We don't have any data usage caps at all and a monthly price is designed to be affordable for all.


Test your existing connection here...


How does your current provider compare to one of BoBBroadband customers?

This is one test the Oban Marina on the Isle of Kerrera did over their new BoBBroadband powered WiFi connection...

Contact us anytime for more information.


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Fibre Fast Wireless Internet

Internet Installed, provided and maintained locally.

The Mimosa equipment arrived today! An amazing service from the suppliers.jpg

100Mbps+ Down and Upload Speed!

Genuinely affordable, Fibre fast internet. No Hidden extras, no phone line rental!

Rural AND Future Proof

We will continue to invest and support our local community services and events

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Future Proof, Fibre fast, Fixed Wireless, Safe and Secure

BoB Broadband is powered by Mimosa Networks from California

The Network

Fibre Fast Fixed Wireless

We connect our customers to a dedicated Fibre Optic cable via our fibre fast, fixed wireless links. This is a industry disruptive, proven technology that has expanded through out the world thanks to the speed of deployment and the comparatively lower network build costs over full fibre networks. Where fibre builds can take years, the Back of Beyond Broadband network can take days to build, saving on time and money.

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Your Connection

Fibre fast Wireless

During the installation you will receive a radio and antenna. The size of antenna depends on the distances the connection needs to travel. Connected externally, with a single CAT6 data cable running into your premises, this then connects to a small router to power the dish and connect your devices via WiFi or hardwired to essential devices. Professionally installed from start to finish. Cosmetically pleasing, inside and out your home or business.


Future proof, fuss free and designed to be affordable!

Correct at the time of writing this, the current price for a BoB Broadband Residential connection is £30 per month for a min of 12 months. No data caps or any hidden extras! The payments are taken via the GoCardless Direct Debit.


Business rates are determined on the type of usage, Service Level Agreement and end user requirements. We are faster, lower costing and better than Satellite Broadband. Faster and costs are less than 3g, 4g mobile network data usage. We are even much lower costing than leased fibre, ISDN business line connections thanks to reduced overheads. Back of Beyond Business Broadband is a customised connection that can be adapted to your business needs. If you're within our network area, we can provide same day/ next day emergency connections quickly and easily.

All standard installations are a one off cost of £200.

Next day/ same day/ emergency connections incur extra costs.

If you haven't already, compare your current speeds for the price you pay to your existing provider. Take a BoB Broadband connection for 2 years and you will probably double your speeds and half your costs.


The network is future proof by being able to connect at up to 500Mbps to an individual residential premises and 1Gbps symmetrical connections to high end customers and businesses as required.

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